Recruitment Executive (Sourcing)

Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila – Responsibilities: Ensures the completion and successful target of hires per class as required by the client and process needs Responsible for contacting & communicating with prospective candidates to inform them of their assessment and/or interview schedules Spearheads and implement different sourcing initiative and activities both internal and external to company grounds Maintain sourcing activities and platforms across all channels( EGES, Alternative and External Platforms, Internet Portals, NERP, Vendors) Ensures that the respective hiring department provides the necessary job description & skills set matrix Conducts initial resume screening to determine applicant fit against required job qualifications Administers and checks the required minimum skills tests to prospective candidates Processes and serves new hire documentation to successful applicants Serves as point of contact for the various recruitment vendors Attends calibration meetings with various vendors to ensure consisten…

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