6 Online Writing Jobs You Can Start with No Experience

Writing online has become a trend nowadays. When you write, more things happen to you. First of all, because writing has so many benefits, you’re improving yourself as a professional. You’ll be able to express your thoughts with more ease, you’ll be able to communicate better, and you’ll improve your problem-solving skills.

Secondly, you’ll get paid for it. But for some people, obtaining a writing gig without having written anything before is quite tough.

Let’s make a very clear distinction between no experience at all and no experience to show.

No experience at all means that you haven’t even tried to develop your writing skills. You basically suck, but you want to make money. In this case, I’d suggest taking the time to improve your grammar, spelling, and style. Write some articles and come back.

If you have no experience to show, that means that you haven’t really published anything online. You have no proof of your skills; therefore, landing a writing job will be challenging.

No worries, as there are plenty of places that help new writers make a name. Let’s take a look at 6 options that you currently have:

Freelancing Platforms

Take advantage of platforms like Upwork and Freelancer in order to apply for individual gigs. Many clients are looking for freelancers on these websites, and you can apply for almost as many jobs as you want.

I started my freelancing career using these platforms and quickly built my reputation and expertise.

Websites and Blogs that Pay for Submissions

Some websites are accepting submissions from different writers. The good thing is that they also pay for these posts that they’re requesting. The payments vary, but it’s important to see the good part: there are hundreds of thousands of blogs that might just pay you.

Here’s a good resource that should give you more options. Each website should be treated with respect. That means that you can’t send a job application to all of them. You need to research each and find out what exactly they need.

Content Mill Writing Services

Content mill writing is somewhat similar to freelancing platforms. It works like this:

People that need blog posts, articles, infographics, and other forms of written content post their assignments. Writers can see all of the requests and choose the one they would like to write. There are more options (depending on the content mill service), but generally, they have a pretty low admission rate.

Custom Writing Companies

Custom writing companies are basically organizations that outsource the needs of their clients to the expertise of their writers. In this case, you’ll be the writer who’s going to deal with the company’s orders.

Every website needs content, and many webmasters prefer to work with custom writing companies instead of individual freelancers.
You can find some of them at essay writing sites review.

Writing Job Boards

Writing job boards are exactly like Craigslist. Again, clients come and post their needs on the job board. The good thing about job boards is that you’ll always find committed clients.

That’s because, in order for them to post their jobs, they’ll have to pay a fee. They wouldn’t make the investment if they weren’t serious.

Job boards are a great place to start your writing career in case you have no experience. Some of the clients might have newly established blogs, which won’t require so many degrees of expertise.

Here’s a list of some good writing job boards.

Your Own Niche Blog

Have you ever considered working for yourself? Most freelancers are limited to the thought of working for someone else. This usually gets you quick but short term incomes. Instead, a blog is just like a business.

You can develop the way you want, do whatever you want with it, and own all the rights and applauses. Monetizing a blog is not that complicated. It requires a degree of knowledge and skill, yes, but you can learn those in time.

Here’s how you can monetize your blog.

Online writing (or freelancing) has a lot of potential. You can create a stable career out of this activity, and never have problems with making a living again. Even if you end up broke, this skill will always get you out of trouble.

The more you write, the better you become.

The more you write, the faster you’ll accumulate experience.

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