10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Bosses Than Men

Are women really better bosses than men?  Can they prove how valuable they are in the corporate world? Is it really possible that they can break the invisible glass ceiling? The answer is a whopping YES.

When someone is a member of the workforce, everything boils down to who his boss is. A man or a woman? Can they outshine men in terms of doing the complicated task called managing? The question is HOW.

  • Engaging Individuals

Based on a study in London, it was found that female managers are better than males when it comes to engaging their subordinates to perform better at work. Responses have been gathered from 27 million employees in the workforce. In fact, 87% of employees worldwide reported that they suffer from the feeling of disengagement at work. Furthermore, companies with highly engaged workers outshine their competitors by 147% in earnings per share; thus, they have more women in the management positions.

  • Great Listeners

One trait of a good leader is the ability to know how to listen. This essential skill in managing people would make employees feel more valued at work. Women must probably have a deeper understanding as to why they have two ears and one mouth. Therapeutic listening is what females are very much capable of doing. In return, once they apply it at work, it becomes so natural for them to do it.

  • They Collaborate

They just have the genuine passion when it comes to working with others. Sharing ideas is their kind of thing, unlike men. Probably because the opposite sex mostly communicate through activities.

  • Highly-accessible

This concept does not just mean being physically available. It simply emphasizes having an open mind and heart when it comes to dealing with things. Psychologists believe that Eve is more likely to have an open mind solely because of mother instincts. Moreover, their compassion allows them to be more supportive regardless of who they are with.

Through this idea, motivating others flow on them so naturally. That’s the reason why common employees feel more engaged at work according to Gallup’s 2015 States of the American Manager.

  • Focus on Personal Growth

In Zenger Folkman’ study about a company that provides high impact leadership and corporate training, it was found out that as men age their competency decline. (Refer to the self-development graph below.)

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The 26-30 bracket is the only age range wherein the men become most concentrated of their own personal growth. While for the opposite sex, even until the age of between 56-60, they are still seeking ways of how they could continuously improve themselves.

  • Provide Positive Feedback

Employees answered yes to this one, too. Career women, especially those who are managers in the US, exceed their male counterparts in meeting the essential requirements at work, according to Gallup. Based on the report, women have the power to harness positive reinforcement to their colleagues. Female bosses seem to give their employees regular feedback. This is actually one of the three things that workers want from their boss. Those who work under a woman’s supervision are 1.29 more likely to agree with this idea strongly than those who don’t.

  • Practice Business Ethics

They place a huge significance in practicing ethics in business. According to Chris Bart, a professor in Strategic Management at DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, and Gregory Mc Queen, the  senior executive associate dean at Still University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine, women run better performing businesses than men. They are effective manager for they recognize the rights of others in pursuit of fairness and justice.

  • Longer Patience

As career women, being patient is natural for them. They are considered as the mothers of their children in their workplace. They need to assist, supervise, guide, and lead their subordinates to be at their best. To do this, they have to display utmost patience at all times. For them to better understand what their colleagues are feeling towards work, they use this as a tool to make them perform. Patient managers are what employers need.

  • Take Initiative

Women actually rated 12 out of 16 leadership attributes higher than men in a study which was conducted by Zenger Folkman. This was done after analyzing 7,280 of their clients’ performance evaluations.

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10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Bosses Than Men 2


Among the list of leadership competencies, men only got 49.8 rating while the other got a dashing percentage of 56.4. The result has a difference of 6.6 margins between them. 

  • Better Community Builders

Traditional top down male-dominated authoritarian leaders are being replaced by more collaborative and connected leaders in the book, The Fall of the Alpha by Dana Ardi. Also, she pointed out that the best leaders are those who lead through the influence that comes from building collaboration rather than being forceful and competitive.

Career women are what can be called beta managers while men are the alpha ones. The former type is someone who let his colleagues work with him. However, the latter are those who give orders to get a job done.

Statistics and studies show how career women are capable of doing supervisory and managing tasks. They are also equal with men when it comes to making something done. Furthermore, data from research and studies speak for themselves alone. Gender differences play a very important role on how each gender does his job in the labor force.

What clear is that, both gender can do what the others can; however, those who wear skirts have the advantage. It’s no wonder that they can also tear down the barrier first made for the elite.

Workers, men and women alike, need leaders who are willing to understand them in whatever kind of situation they are in. Who are they? They are the 21st century career women of the modern world who can face any adversity in the workplace.


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