5 Reasons Why XMRWallet is the Best Wallet for Monero in 2018

Monero, the most secure cryptocurrency on the market, has been gaining a lot of traction in recent months, thanks in part to a more robust demand for easy and private crypto. Because Monero features untraceable transactions as a default, it has many notable benefits for businesses and individuals alike.

In many ways, Monero acts like cash — you exchange it nearly anonymously to make purchases, it leaves no trace as part of the transaction, and it does not require you to reveal personal information about yourself when you transfer from one person to another. And just like that fiver you have in your pocket, Monero coins are most easily and securely stored in a wallet, where they can be pulled out and transferred during a transaction.

5 Reasons Why XMRWallet is the Best Wallet for Monero in 2018 1

Many wallets are available for Monero users. Some can be downloaded on a local machine (i.e., your personal computer) and others are accessible on the web. One of the best web-based Monero wallets available today is called XMRWallet. The name is derived from the currency exchange abbreviation for Monero. You may already be familiar with other currency abbreviations, such as GBP for the pound, USD for the US dollar, or EUR for the Euro. The abbreviation for Monero is XMR.

Unlike other Monero wallets currently available to users, XMRWallet has many great features that other wallets simply do not have. Here are five such reasons this wallet is the best Monero wallet available in 2018.

1. XMRWallet allows you to create an account in a matter of seconds using no personally identifiable information.
Because Monero is keen on privacy and is untraceable, the XMRWallet requires nothing more than a private seed — that is, a string of 15 to 23 words that allows access to view and spend funds in your Monero account — or a public key to sign up.

2. XMRWallet provides quick transaction execution via a full client-side operation.
Transactions on XMRWallet are fast, unlike with some other Monero wallets. Additionally, XMRWallet gives you the ability to send, receive and store your Monero in one easy-to-use interface.

3. XMRWallet is fully compatible with other popular Monero wallet seeds, including MyMonero and original Monero.
If you already have another Monero wallet — through MyMonero, for instance — you can access your Monero coins on XMRWallet by simply using the same private seed you would for another wallet.

4. XMRWallet offers support in 10 varying languages.
Some Monero wallets offer support in only a few languages. XMRWallet offers support in 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and more.

5. XMRWallet gives users the ability to send a maximum amount of Monero.
One of the biggest complaints from users of other Monero wallets like MyMonero is that the application does not give them the ability to send their maximum amount. Thanks to XMRWallet, you can now sweep your entire wallet.

If you’re looking for the best wallet for your Monero crypto coins, look no further than XMRWallet. Fast and reliable transactions, full seed compatibility and the ability to sweep your maximum amount make this web-based wallet one of the best for 2018.


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