Top Cloud Threats Your Business Should Look Out For?

Modern technologies such as cloud computing can either be a boon or bane for your business. On the positive side, cloud computing can help your company manage, store, and share proprietary data or applications. But due to the sensitivity of data that is uploaded to the cloud, it’s inevitable that cloud services become attractive targets for cyber criminals.

Whether you’re a small to medium enterprise or a large corporation, there are security threats that may affect the security or integrity of your corporate data in the cloud. Similarly, the most sophisticated cloud technologies may have vulnerabilities that could pose risks to your organization.

Unless you guard your IT infrastructure with strict security measures, you may be exposing your cloud data to major issues such as data breach, system vulnerabilities, account hijacking or service hijacking, insufficient due diligence, denial of service attacks (DOS), or loss of data to mention a few.

These threats not only cost financial setbacks for your enterprise, but also tarnish your company’s reputation among your customers and business partners.

Check out this infographic by Transcosmos to know the various security threats that come with an unsecured cloud network, as well as ways to protect your own cloud resources from such.

Top Cloud Threats Your Business Should Look Out For? 1

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