7 Company Giveaway Ideas for Christmas 2019

In any given business, the employees are naturally considered one of the company’s biggest assets. No matter if you’re running a small business of five people or a large corporation with hundreds of workers, your staff need to know they’re being appreciated. Christmas can be the perfect time to give something back to employees to show gratitude that extends beyond simply giving them salaries or holiday bonuses. One of the ways to do this is to invest in Christmas giveaways.

Below, we share with you ideas for giveaways that can be used for Christmas parties or simply as a gesture of goodwill towards workers.

1. Christmas gift cards

Gift cards are a nice and thoughtful way of rewarding employees using something more than just cash. You can provide them with gift cards for romantic cafes or popular, family-friendly restaurants that they’ll be able to enjoy, preferably with the people they love. Movie gift cards are also a good option so they can hit the cinema to watch a much-awaited movie during Christmas vacation. If you’d like to invest in something to help your employees grow, consider gift cards to online courses where they can learn a new skill or further their knowledge in their field.

2. Special holiday lanyards

Consider providing your staff with custom Christmas lanyards that can add something new to everyone’s look, promote holiday spirit, and advertise your company at the same time. Lanyards can be made from several different materials and in all possible colors, which provides different options for employees.

3. Coffee or tea selection boxes

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee even beyond the confines of work? Even at the office, there are rarely times when a worker goes on break without enjoying freshly-made coffee or tea. Consider giving out a nice selection of specialty gourmet coffee or tea blends that can warm their hearts while also introducing them to new aromas and tastes.

4. Boxes of assorted Christmas-themed snacks

Many people consider Christmas to be one of the best times to indulge in food. Your workers surely won’t be able to say “no” to a box full of delicious cookies, doughnuts, or fudge bars, for example. They can eat it during breaks at work, or they can bring them home to share with their partner and kids.

5. Christmas-themed fashion accessories

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ better than Santa’s distinctive jolly hat. Provide these items at parties or at any given time and watch the office transform into a place of laughter and fun. Aside from hats, socks are also a good option as a giveaway as you can never have enough of them. Both the hats and socks can be customized to have your brand design in a special holiday theme, as well. That way, workers will always have something that reminds them of your company.

6. Trendy gadgets

We’re living in a time when everyone owns at least one smart device. Consider giving away some smaller gadgets like power banks, USB flash drives, headphones, or speakers. They don’t need to be outrageously expensive; as long as they’re useful and serve a purpose, either for work or entertainment, then they’re a smart investment.

7. Custom-designed tumblers

Containers such as tumblers are highly functional and are a great marketing item for your company. They can also be brought along wherever and whenever, encouraging the user to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Spending on giveaways is one of the best investments company-owners can make. They make workers feel that what they do does matter and that they’re appreciated for their work. Regardless if you’re handing them out for a party or just as a gesture that’s not tied to a specific event, giveaways do create a lasting impression that tells workers you value their efforts.

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