7 Languages that will Give You an Edge in the Corporate World

Studying in an international school in Manila can bring certain advantages to the student. Some of which may be how they can be taught with different languages to expand their vocabulary. Being bi-lingual or even multi-lingual can become a beneficial skill for anyone out there, especially in the professional sector. Listed here are a number of languages that can give you an edge in the corporate world to improve your employability.


  1. Mandarin

China has a reputation as the 2nd largest economy with around 1 billion native speakers. This is a huge reason why Mandarin is still a top language in the world but is considered as one of the hardest languages to learn.

  1. Spanish

We can say that Spanish is the 2nd commonly spoken language after English with the number of Spanish people around the world. Several parts of America have people who are fluent in Spanish, so it is hard to have an edge there. However other countries are looking for fluent in Spanish based on the companies out there who communicate with Spanish people.

  1. French

As amusing as is it to hear, France in the Eurozone contributes a huge part there such as in the International Monetary Fund, United Nations, UNESCO, and other international organizations uses French as a major language. The ability of speaking in French can increase the wage of a person of about 2.7% more than non-speakers.

  1. German

The economy of Germany is proven to be one of the strongest and established contributors to the European Union so there is no doubt that speaking German will give a huge advantage for people who want to do or be part of an international business. Most countries in Europe speak in German, meaning that this is another big factor. The ability to speak in German can increase your salary wage with around 4%.

  1. Japanese

Japan has widely contributed worldwide in many aspects. Even though it is challenging to perfect this language, being knowledgeable about Japanese exposes you to numerous opportunities in several business sectors all around the world.

  1. Computer programming

People might initially say that this isn’t considered as a language, but if you think about it, it truly is. Not everyone is accustomed with Javascript, HTML, or C++ right? Being used to the world of computer programming can increase your marketability professionally especially how we live in the digital age nowadays.

  1. American Sign Language

Learning American Sign Language can certainly give you an edge in the professional world and is a handy skill in your resume. Not everyone in the world is gifted with hearing, so being an interpreter for these people can be surely useful for them.

Do your best to become fluent in at least another language to have an edge in the corporate world. It may be difficult as you try to repeat and practice a language over and over again, but there is a strong guarantee that managers and recruiters in different businesses will be amused with your skill. This is perfectly ideal for people who aspire to work in international businesses, working overseas, becoming an interpreter, and to work in an international government or organization. Grab any reading material and start learning your new language as early as possible!

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