Here is What I Did When My Car Broke Down

Last week on Friday, I was going to Liverpool from Manchester, UK to meet a client who showed curiosity in buying the product of my own company. All details were to be discussed in a cafe and the meeting was scheduled at 11.30. I had to reach early because I did not want to keep him waiting for me and it is against professionalism.

car broke down

I turned on the music to avoid monotony in the car, but I could not enjoy as the AC of my car conked out. It was throwing hot air causing me sweat and suffocation. I hate driving a car without AC, but I had to bite the bullet. As I reached near Sankey Valley Park, I got a flat tyre. It was another turn of the screw. Thankfully, I had a spare tyre in the back of the car. I could not stop and replace the car in the middle of the road, so I took my feet off the accelerator and pulled in alongside a pavement. As I took out the spare tyre, something strange caught my attention. A small stream was trickling down from the car. I went closer to it to examine and I found that the fuel was leaking. “Damn,” words flew out through my lips.

The adrenaline flooded in my veins. For a while, I thought that I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I started to look for a mechanic. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible because I had to reach before the client. Fortunately, it did not take a lot of time to find a mechanic. It was hardly a few footsteps away from my car. The mechanic examined the situation and concluded that the service had not been completed correctly. He told that the fuel filter was ill fitted.

It hacked me off because it had been hardly a week to have my car checked by my mechanic. “How could they be irresponsible?” I thought in my mind, but that was not the time to call and lash out at them for what I had been going through due to their recklessness. I told the mechanic to fit the filter properly, repair the AC and replace the flat tyre with the spare one.

Once the mechanic had done his job, it was the time to hand money. The repair cost set me back £2500. I got shocked. The mechanic told me that the AC repair added up to the bill because its compressor failed and it was contaminated too. As I slid hand inside my wallet, I fell short of £1000.

It was very embarrassing that I did not have sufficient funds. I negotiated with the mechanic hiding the embarrassment and tension, but he was not ready to accept less than what he had demanded. No friend of mine lived nearby, which is why the ultimate option to seek financial assistance was a direct lender. I waited at the mechanic shop and asked him to wait for some time.

I thrust my hand into my pocket, took out the cell phone and made a search on the internet to get easy loans. Most of the results were of brokers. I knew that they conduct a hard credit check and charge broker fees. Further, they took long time to transfer money to account. Since I could not wait to have money transferred, I was keen to apply for the loan with a direct lender. Eventually, I caught a sight of The Easy Loans and took out loans for bad credit. As I got money in my account, I made payment to the mechanic immediately and then headed off.

The repair work had consumed a lot of time, but thankfully I reached the cafe in time. I discussed all features of the product with the client. He was blown away with my presentation and clinched a deal. As the deal closed, all stress went away that had erupted due to unnecessary hassle and then I came back home.   

Description: When my car broke down, I took out a loan for bad credit. Such loans are the ideal during emergencies. Instant approval makes the disbursal faster.

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