Office Direct height adjustable desks are comfortable, boost health and improve productivity

If you think that ergonomically designed chairs are the only office furniture that takes care of health issues, then you are highly mistaken. Modern offices have realised the importance of upgrading the design of working desks to create a healthy workspace by pairing it up with ergonomically designed chairs that prevent fatigue and back pain.

The modern workstation that you see in offices today are often not conducive to the natural human instinct because it does not facilitate sitting for long hours without moving.  The height of the desk must match with a height of the chair so that the body can acquire the optimal neutral posture which is the position where the body can operate at peak efficiency while maintaining maximum strength.  Since it requires adjusting the sitting height of the chair as well as the height of the desk, modern office furniture at Office Direct offers height adjustable desks.

Height adjustable desks

Today it is very common to see height adjustable desks in offices because it contributes to improving work efficiency while providing the necessary comfort for maintaining good health.  The most prominent benefit of height adjustable desks is that the desk is adaptable by a wide variety of people like those who are obese, disabled, ageing and 5th and 9th percentile who feel comfortable with it.  Trying to adopt different kinds of people to some fixed desk configuration has ill effects on health, make them uncomfortable and affects work efficiency. Adjustable desks allow users to easily adapt the neutral posture by selecting the height which makes them feel most comfortable.

Alternating between sitting and standing positions

Staying seated for too long results in static muscle fatigue that you can overcome by ensuring frequent muscle movement. When standing or walking, the blood flow increases that re-energizes the muscles which are why modern research suggests that people should get out of their chairs and walk around for at least for 5 minutes every hour.

Height adjustable desks offer an excellent opportunity of changing the sitting and working posture at intervals so that there is a movement of muscles even without walking or standing. When someone is standing the body consumes 20% more energy than sitting and alternating between standing and sitting at the workplace is a healthy practice.  Regular movement at the workplace adjusts and balances the load on the body, allow specific body parts to rest at intervals and minimizes the risk factors that can affect health.

Altering position during work

Employers who want to improve productivity would also like to care for employee health so that they can perform at peak efficiencies. To reduce the chances of people leaving their workplace frequently for relieving the body, the height adjustable desks offer unique opportunity to maintain the body movement while staying put at the workplace. Also known as sit-stand desks, the height adjustable desks serve the interests of employees and employers alike as it takes care of employee health and productivity.

The initial investment in height adjustable desks is more than made up with improved output at the workplace.

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