5 Ways to Search for Property During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the real estate industry of the Philippines. With the numerous safety concerns and economic uncertainty it brought about, developers had no choice but to change their approach.

To keep potential investors safe, property sellers have shifted towards digital solutions such as online showrooms. In addition, developers are starting to offer more favorable terms to cope with the shift in demand. 

To help you stay safe and find the best investment, our guide will teach you how to spot a property during these trying times.

  1. Gather options through property search platforms

Thanks to the introduction of property search websites, finding your next home can now be done with a few clicks. Whether it’s an apartment in the Metro or a lot in the province, these platforms can help you find the best investments at the most flexible prices.

For starters, using RE/MAX Gold is ideal since the site allows you to search for various properties across several parameters.

  1. Use video tours and online showrooms

Always wanted to know how condo living in a particular area feels like? While it’s normal to feel curious when searching for properties, know that constant traveling can still put you in harm’s way. The good news is that sellers are starting to share video tours of their properties to minimize their and their clients’ time outside.

While it’s best to see how an apartment would look like in-person, online showrooms could still help you rule out candidates. If you don’t like how a property looks through photos and videos, you likely won’t be convinced when you see it in real life. Once you know what your top choices are, only then should you visit these listings in person.

  1. Always bring personal protective equipment

Once you decide to view a property in person, remember to bring protective equipment. Given that you won’t be able to practice social distancing during your viewing, wearing a mask and bringing hand sanitizers is an absolute must. Paired with good hygiene practices, you can keep yourself and everyone else involved safe.

  1. Take note of how your partners are keeping the property clean

Before you head over to a viewing, ask your real estate agents how they’re keeping the property clean. Considering that other people may have also viewed the home on the same day, this means there’s an increased risk of infection. Since COVID-19 can stay on commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, remind your sellers to sanitize key areas beforehand.

  1. Set virtual appointments

Now that you’ve found the best possible properties, it’s time to get in touch with the sellers. Instead of risking yourself by meeting up in a local coffee shop, the better thing to do is to discuss things online. Setting a virtual appointment over Zoom will help you eliminate the risk of infection and allow you to discuss terms at the comfort of your own home.

Stay Safe as You Buy Your Dream Home

If you’re looking to invest in a lot or condominium unit, you should expect that you’ll have a significantly different house-hunting experience. Lockdown regulations may slowly be easing, but it’s best to minimize public exposure since the virus remains a threat, and you can employ these tips for that.

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