10 Most Useful Apps for Students

Students in schools and universities often have difficulties with studying. Not only during the lesson in the classroom but also while doing homework. And this is not surprising, because every day you need to adjust to a large number of different items. However, thanks to the developers of mobile and computer applications, a student’s life can become much easier.


Tide is a charge of motivation for the whole day. Thanks to this program, the user will fully focus on the task and perform it with pleasure, because there is a large catalog of soothing music, sounds of nature that will help you become more productive. The application also contains many other useful sections and curiosity. To target you to work, Tide will send beautiful quotes every day, this way it cares about the performance of its user. And as a gift, you get an exquisite modern design that calms the nervous system.

Google Calendar

You should always structure all your plans so as not to forget anything and Google Calendar will help you with this. This is a classic program used by millions of students around the world because the application has a simple interface. By downloading it to your computer or phone, you can easily keep track of your responsibilities for the day, week, and even month, and by setting the reminders you will be sure that you will do what you plan. It is advantageous for a student to use the program because it is completely free.


It is important for a student to always have a notebook so that he or she can write down some necessary information. But with the appearance of Evernote in your life, you will no longer have to carry a huge number of notebooks, because everything will be in one place – a phone or even a computer.

Evernote is a notebook with a wide range of functionality that allows you to retrieve text from images, scan paper reports, and documents. And the main advantage is that the program is free or has a low price for a wider range of services. The program interacts with various applications and allows you to manage your time and don’t miss deadlines. It is possible to add documents, PDF files, sketches, photos, audio to the notes.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictationis a very interesting and necessary application that can retell the words spoken and view the text. It is very convenient when the words of your friend with whom you are doing the same project are immediately displayed on the monitor screen in digital format. The program is also well organized with the work of social networks and e-mail, so the dictated text can be sent immediately as a message or published on your page.

With the help of such technologies, you can decide to renew your thoughts and not miss something particularly important, especially when you write an essay, research, or any paper. If you have difficulty in writing your tasks, do not worry, you can find the most qualified professionals on the Internet.

If you wonder “who can help me with my literature homework and who can do my essay?”, use the professional help of experts. Online helpers are qualified people who will write your essay of the highest quality. They work due to the set deadline which means you will not disappoint your teacher and will get the highest grade. You will pay a reasonable price for the work and will wait for someone to write your essay on any topic without plagiarism.


Since students have a large number of study materials and documents, they need to store these files somewhere. Forget about a lot of flash drives and download Google Drive. This program stores all documents on the Internet, so you can start working on another device that is far from home, you only need network access and your account name. Google Drive will also help you work on collaborative projects with classmates, as you can share content in files.


SimpleMind is the most unusual program on our list. It helps to create maps of the mind, which are necessary for better organization of thoughts, to memorize a lot of information. Thanks to such interactive maps, which clearly show the studied material with the help of pictures, video content, and voice notes, it significantly increases the efficiency of the studying process. You can track your progress, and you will never miss important details.


You will need a Todoist to improve your knowledge in time management. After all, now students often lack the time to study, and this program will help to plan things properly and thus increase success in school, college, or university. Properly prioritizing and setting reminders will help you be more productive and memorize more information.


OneNote is considered to be a universal convenient digital notebook. This is an ideal program for those who like to structure information because in OneNote this feature is well developed: you can develop into sections for each subject separately. It is also possible to highlight the main or difficult things to remember in the text, add voice comments, and write by hand.


myHomework is a great scheduler created for Android, iOS, Windows operating systems, especially for students. Thanks to the programs you will be able to control the performance of all your homework, projects, and tests. Since myHomework has a flawless design and is very easy to use, it occupies a leading position in the rankings of the best learning applications.


For students settling on campus, the Portal app will be your best friend. By downloading the Portal free of charge you will be able to learn about places to get food and available classes for learning. Since this application allows you to view information about academic performance, schedule of classes, and exams, you will be able to calculate your final score in various subjects, so it is popular among students.

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