Innovative Cloud Solutions You Should Consider for Your Business

It’s no secret that most businesses are using at least some digital technology and the internet to get their work done. Because of this, the demand for digital or internet-based technology, security, and storage has skyrocketed in the last decade. To help businesses manage this, cloud-based solutions have become widely available.

Innovative Cloud Solutions

The following will explore some of the many cloud computing business solutions available to you and some implementation options depending on the technology discussed. Of course, every business is different and has different security levels required—ensure that whenever you’re incorporating a new piece of technology into your workflow, you’re doing your due diligence in asking questions about security and researching things that could go wrong and how to mitigate these risks.

What Are Cloud Computing Business Solutions

Cloud computing covers any service that is delivered through the internet. This can include software, data storage, networking, servers, and databases. Cloud solutions offer an alternative to keeping files on hard drives or in local storage devices like filing cabinets which are susceptible to water damage, fire damage, or being lost by staff. Basically, cloud options are remote databases where anyone with an electronic device with internet access (and the appropriate passwords) can access the information.

Cloud-based solutions are also popular because they tend to reduce the need for paper in the office, saving money (and forests), and often are faster and more secure than analog equivalents. They’ve become massively popular among businesses and individuals, and the demand is expected to grow. The name cloud comes from the idea of information being accessed in a virtual space—as if it’s plucked from the clouds when needed.

Understand That Hybrid Options Exist

Depending on your industry, the information you handle, and your staff’s openness and experience with digital technologies, you might not want to commit to an entirely virtual version of anything. This is completely okay. There are hybrid options available that allow you to balance your employees’ comfort and habits with the added security of cloud-based solutions.

Backup Services

Let’s start with the most basic business solution that cloud computing can offer—the backup. We all know we need to be backing up our data. This is especially critical since the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in more people than ever working from home, and therefore, business data spread out across several locations.

Cloud backup services keep a copy of all your important information safely in the cloud just in case something goes awry with one of your physical devices. Cloud-based storage services will also provide protection from cyber threats, and Saicom connection solutions emphasize that cyber-attacks and security breaches are no longer an if but are now a when. They’re going to happen, so be prepared for them with security measures. This way, you won’t lose any work or important records.

Storage Options

As we collect more data, we need somewhere to store this information that isn’t going to cost a ton of money or take up an absurd amount of space. Enter cloud storage. Storage is probably what many people think of when they hear the term cloud computing, as many of our smartphones use this type of tech to store a backup of everything on our phones.

The benefits of storing things in a digital, virtual location are not only the endless storage space but the accessibility. Staff can work from anywhere—accessing information and saving new data using the internet. This saves your employees a ton of time and energy but also allows them to cooperate more effectively. No longer does Sally need to deliver a USB file sharing device to Jim if she wants his opinion on her work. She can simply send him a message or give him a call and ask him to take a look at what she uploaded to the cloud. They don’t need to be on the same continent 

Flexibility for Remote Working

The studies are rolling in. No matter what your workplace looked like pre-coronavirus, there’s a good chance your employees and future staff members don’t want to return to the office. Over half of Americans surveyed by IBM said they want remote working to be their primary mode of work. 70% of people said they want the option to work remotely. Even if no one on your team will be working remotely, you can bet that the people you’re interacting with from other companies and locations will be. Cloud services allow the flexibility needed to meet the remote working demands of the present and future.

The above information should help you understand where cloud solutions could fit into your pipeline. Always take the time to ensure that staff is properly trained on using this technology and keeping things secure. This way, you will not only improve the overall satisfaction of your staff and keep their morale high but also will help your business to grow.

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