Top Web Development Tools To Use in 2022

Web development is a trend that does not seem to stop anywhere. As more and more businesses try to adapt to digital modes, web development becomes a necessity. It all starts with websites, and then businesses progress. 

Before making a website live, it needs to be developed, and development needs tools. Having the right tools is crucial for making your task easy, and due to the massive demand for web development, there are tons of tools. 

Today, you’ll get to know about some of the top web development tools to use in 2022. Stick to the end and find out if you are using the right tools or not.

We’ll categorize the tools and have a look at them individually. Let’s start with design tools. 

Web Design Tools

Adobe XD

It all starts with an idea, and before the development work begins, a website needs to be designed. There are tons of website and UI design tools, but Adobe XD rules them all. With exciting features and excellent tutorials, it is a professional’s one-stop shop. With Adobe XD by your side, you can design UI for your website, share templates, collaborate with other designers on the same project, and you can even visualize the user experience with animations and other plugins.

If you are ready to spend a good amount of money on your designing tool, adobe XD will be a great addition to your armory.


Figma is another excellent UI/UX designing tool that has taken the market by storm. It was released as an alternative to Adobe XD, and it is pretty popular among startups, smaller companies, and budding designers. 

If you want to collaborate with your team members in real-time and work from different devices, then Figma is a great resource. It enables real-time communication on the board and helps designers to collaborate with each other. 

It is rich with plugins and has a great community, so you’ll always have new ideas to implement. Do give it a try if you are a budding designer, as it also offers a free plan. 

Code Editors

Visual Studio Code

When it comes to code editors, no other editor comes near Visual Studio Code. It is developed and open-sourced by Microsoft. Visual Studio is one of the most feature-rich code editors that are available in the market, and with its extensions, it is way too good. 

Whether you are doing just simple HTML, CSS website, or building a dynamic web application using the modern frameworks, VS code has everything you need to excel. 

If you want to speed up your web development tasks, you can do that with the help of VS code extensions and autocomplete features. It has one of the best autocomplete features, and it also comes with a ton of keyboard shortcuts to save your time. 

Sublime Text

This is another text editor that is widely used. Compared to VS code, there might be lesser features, but sublime is pretty standard among developers. If you are looking for a commercially used text editor for web development, the sublime text might end your hunt. 

It has different subscription levels, and you can even use it for free if you are an individual. But when used for commercial development, it is better to have a licensed version. It also unlocks more features and incredible support for your development. 

Sublime text is pretty much similar to VS code in terms of features; hence it is the purpose of using that drives the demand for sublime text. 

Version Control


While developing any project, it is essential to manage its versions. Different team members work together, and there are different versions of the same project; this makes it hard to determine the final version of the files. Also, due to this, conflicts regarding which file should be used in the final version.

This is where version control systems such as Git come to the rescue. A version control system is a program that tracks and updates versions of the file. With a version control system, every change made in the file is stored, and you are given an option to roll back to a different previous version if ever needed. This feature is the most helpful one, as sometimes people ought to make mistakes in their changes, and they need to roll back to a stable version. 

Git is a decentralized version control system, wherein the changes are stored locally for every user, and they need to have a central repository to collaborate with other team members. 


While using Git, you must use a central repository to store your website’s code. Github is one such tool, without which software development is almost impossible. Git stores the versions of your files locally, meaning only you can track the versions of your files; you cannot see the changes by other persons. 

Github helps people collaborate by providing them with an online repository where everyone can push their files and merge the code with other people’s files. This makes it easier to develop complex software, and you don’t have to track changes manually. Every file is merged automatically with the latest changes, and whenever you start working, you need to pull the latest code from the repository. 

Once you’ve completed your coding, you can push the files back to the repository, and everyone can proceed to work with the newer versions of the file.

Other Miscellaneous Tools

Browser DevTools

Browser DevTools is an integral tool in the web development process. Without this tool, it becomes very hectic to find out elements that are in the webpage. You can experiment with different things on a website without making changes in the codebase with the help of dev tools. 

While finding a bug or any problem, dev tools are essential; without that, you may end up spiraling into the codebase and staring at it for hours. But you may not find any problem. Dev tools are an excellent source for investigating problems while an application is running.

You can imitate behaviors to see the performance of your website under different conditions and make changes according to your needs. 

Node Package Manager

Today web developers rely mainly on open-source libraries and packages to achieve their tasks. No developer loves to start things from scratch if there are better options available already. 

NPM is an online repository of packages, modules, and libraries that are widely used in the development of websites by Node.JS Web Development Companies. If you are building a website with any javascript framework, you’ll use a lot of modules and libraries from the NPM repository. 

It is a one-stop-shop for every programming needs. There are more than a million different packages and libraries in the npm repository, and you can use them anytime as per your needs. 

Today being a web developer is easier. You have tons of different tools at your disposal. Above, you got to know about the top tools that you can use as a web developer. These tools will scale your web development processes and make you an outstanding and high-performing web developer. 

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