Why It’s Important to Buy Earbuds with Charging Case

Even though true wireless earphones are relatively new to the market, this advanced technology has made an immediate impact on the headphones market. Users no longer need to depend on connectors or wires to listen to these earpieces, and this convenience is attracting millions of audiophiles.

earbuds with charging case

Wireless earbuds earnt the multibillion-dollar headphones market 75% of its revenue in 2019 and are set to continue this market segment for the next decade. After all, no other listening devices can match the comfort, high-fidelity audio, and convenience that wireless earbuds provide.

Understanding the Rise of these Listening Devices

Wireless earbuds became mainstream in 2016 when Apple launched ‘AirPods.’ Since then, these wireless earbuds’ popularity has steadily increased. More and more phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops now support these wireless earbuds. Users can quickly pair their headphones to their devices using Bluetooth technology.

Users who like to commute and listen to music will never return to standard earphones as the wire-free connectivity is way too convenient. However, despite all the advantages that these earbuds provide, poor battery life is still a huge problem.

Poor Battery Life – The Main Problem

Since most users feel the need to constantly keep the wireless connectivity between the device and the earpieces active, the batteries of these earbuds drain at a rapid rate. Here’s why this fast-draining happens –

  • Lithium-ion batteries stop holding charge after twelve to eighteen months of use.
  • Most users don’t fully charge their wireless earbuds; these inconsistent amounts of power input deteriorate the lithium-ion batteries’ quality.
  • These batteries can’t be repaired or replaced because, in most wireless earbuds, they come glued to the plastic shell.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are a fire-hazard they can’t be recycled. Users don’t even have the option to retrieve some of their investment via recycling. Instead, they have to keep these lithium-ion batteries forever.  

Power deficiency is one of the main reasons why many people still prefer wired earphones. While shopping for these wireless devices, users have important questions regarding battery capacities –

  • How long will the wireless earbuds last?
  • Which earbuds last the longest?
  • How long before the batteries start deteriorating in quality?

Most users who purchased AirPods in 2016 report that the battery life of these devices has gotten worse every year. They say that the battery capacities of these devices have been halved in less than two years.

That means that most AirPod users had to charge their earbuds at least twice a day to get five to six hours of performance. For heavy users, diminishing battery capacity can be a huge problem. Thankfully, the introduction of Apple’s charging cases has solved this issue.

The Importance of Charging Cases

Experts suggest that it’s much safer to buy earbuds with charging case, even though they cost more. That’s because these charging cases act as efficient portable chargers and offer numerous benefits –

  • By using portable charging cases, users can now have at least twenty-four hours of additional listening time. With a fully-charged case, users can enjoy up to forty hours of playtime.
  • Charging these portable cases is much more convenient than charging earpieces. They charge much faster and have almost double the battery life of most wireless earbuds.
  • These cases are pocket-sized and very easy to transport. Most of them weigh less than 1.9oz and are shorter in length than most debit cards.  
  • Most wireless charging cases come with 650mAh battery capacity.
  • The latest charging cases offer fast-charge functions. Users can get 100% battery capacity within an hour.
  • These cases also help users when there are power outages.

How to Optimize these Cases

Irrespective of the battery capacity that a charging case or a wireless earbud set offers, there are many ways to optimize battery life. Here are some easy steps to make charging cases and wireless earbuds last longer –

  • Charge the Case on Time – Never let the battery of charging cases fully run out of charge. Instead, users should create a charging schedule. For instance, charging the case while sleeping is a great way of ensuring users receive optimal battery performances from their wireless earbuds the following day.
  • Avoid Misplacing – Keep the earbuds stored in the charging case even when it’s not charging. Wireless earbuds are notorious for being easily misplace-able. Users mustn’t store their charging cases in their pockets. Hard items like keys or coins can damage the sensitive charging cases. Instead, users should get a separate storing kit.
  • Clean the Case and the Earbuds – Use a damp tissue to clean the charging cases’ external regions. Be as gentle as possible. Don’t use water while cleaning the insides of the charging case. Instead, use soft brushes or dry microfiber cloth.

Low battery capacity was the only negative feature of wireless earbuds. The introduction of charging cases has eliminated this negative feature. Even though these charging cases increase the total cost of the earbuds, they are essential for ensuring long-term performances!

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