Meat is a highly nutritious food and a good source of protein that if left untreated will spoil rapidly within a few days. However, many preservation techniques have been developed to extend its shelf life by several days, weeks or months. Some of these processing methods also alter the flavour and texture of meat, which can increase its value when these products are sold.

Starting a meat processing business can be a lucrative idea to start. However, one must know the precautions and safety rules in food processing to make sure that products are safe to eat. It is also important to have a suitable room just for processing meat products. The room and equipments to be used should be hygienically designed and easily cleaned to prevent contamination of products by insects, birds, rodents and micro-organisms.

Good hygiene and sanitation is essential in all types of meat processing. Bacteria can rapidly spoil meat if processing is not done quickly and properly and it is essential that hygienic food handling is carried out with these products.

How to Start a Meat Processing Business

Complete guide in starting a business.
How to Register your business: Business Permit and Licenses
Financial and Lending Institutions.

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