5 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Safe

Starting your own business is any entrepreneur’s dream, and once you’ve got it, you don’t want to risk losing it. With 2020 bringing a whole host of unique challenges to light, from COVID-19 to political unrest, you might be looking for creative solutions that you can take to safeguard your small business against present and future threats. We’ve gathered together five key ways you can keep your business safe, starting today, to counteract the weird time we are all living in.

Take Charge of Your Admin

There are many administrative and financial tasks that need to be carried out by small businesses to keep them in an organized and legal working order. When sending such important paperwork, like tax forms or tax returns, it pays to have custom stationery that will keep your documents safe and looking professional. Getting tax return envelopes from MinesPress with specialized window envelopes and a secure close flap will make sure that all your sensitive information stays private and the right paperwork gets to where it needs to go. Risking something going wrong with large tax returns for businesses is not worth the trouble you can get into with the IRS.

Consider Your Online Security

Securing your servers is another smart way to keep your small business safe. Cybersecurity can often go overlooked, especially by brick and mortar businesses. Scopedive can connect you and your business with cybersecurity experts that will protect sensitive online information, such as email addresses, new account details, and more. Top professionals in this industry will also be able to protect you from malware and give you advance warning and key updates on active threats to your digital security.

Educate Your Employees

Organizing a business cannot and should not be a one-person job. Making sure that your employees are as clued up about the fundamental truths of business security is also vital. While government lockdowns are still in place and social interactions are limited, more and more sensitive business data will be being shared online. Teaching your employees about encryption and the importance of keeping important data on company devices is a step in the right direction for safeguarding your small business.

Don’t Forget Your Customers

During times of remote working and upheaval for all businesses, both large and small, our work processes can turn increasingly internalized. It’s important not to forget about the lifeblood of your small business: the customers. No matter what product or service you are selling, you need buyers to survive. Continuing outreach even in times of COVID-19 is therefore vital, but often cannot go in the same way as before. Now is also a good time to double down on how you appear to customers online, as they can no longer interact with you physically.

Using an advanced SEO keyword search tool and looking at your website rankings will give you a good idea of how easy it is for people to find you online. The purpose of a page on your website should either be to draw in customers or rank highly on search results, so try and pack them in with top organic keywords to make sure you’re reaching your desired audience. Reaching these target groups will likely bring in more revenue, enabling your small business to bring on a new account and thrive.

Lead by Example

In trying times, employees and customers alike look to leaders for guidance. One way to not only protect your business but also inspire trust and confidence in you as a leader for the future is to take this as an opportunity to lead by example. Show your employees and clients why they should follow you, now and later on, and you will have created a dedicated following to help support you and your business for years to come.

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