Steps to Changing A Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters are devices that clean the air that gets into a car’s cabin. All cars have this system to improve the functionality of the vehicle. They are used to trap dust, moisture, soot, and other tiny particles. Individuals should take precautions. Dirt compromises the efficiency of the car cabin filter. When the cabin air filter is compromised, the car begins to smell and produce a foul odor. Cabin air filters are also used to reduce the number of allergens that get in your vehicle.

Below are some of the steps to follow when changing your car’s cabin air filter;

Locate the glove box

The first step is always to know precisely where the glove box is located in your car. The glove box should be opened carefully. Individuals who have no idea should seek professional help to avoid messing up. Once the glove box is opened, the content is removed to aid in changing the cabin air filters. Most of the glove boxes are located in the rearview of a car next to the dashboard.

Remove the limiting stop arm.

The limiting stop arm is found on the right side of the glove box. It is removed by sliding the limiting stop arm of the glove box from its pin. Once the pin is removed, the sides of the glove box are pressed towards each other to release the clamps holding the arm. A pop sound is usually heard when the brakes are released. When the pin is removed, the glove box can be easily lowered to reveal the faceplate. The faceplate leads to the cabin’s Arrows usually indicate

Remove the debris in the Airpath.

The dirty cabin air filter is removed from the glove box. The faceplates have latched on each side. Slide the faceplates out of the way to open up the filter compartment. Once the filter compartment has been removed, the old cabin air filter can be pulled out. Pull the old cabin air filter carefully to avoid the contents scattering into your car. Ensure you notice the direction of the airflow. The path is usually indicated by arrows.

Clean filter chamber

The filter chamber should be cleaned, and all the seals checked to ensure they don’t need to change as well. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt and muck from the chamber. The chamber should also be vacuumed before installing a new fresh air cabin.  A vacuum is used to remove contaminants.


Once the filter chamber has been cleaned, a new cabin air filter cartridge is installed. Check and ensure the new air filter is the same as the removed one. The new screen’s arrows should point in the same direction as the arrows of the removed filter.

Return the glove box

Once the new air cabin cartridge has been installed, the faceplate is replaced, and the glove snapped back to its place. The limiting stop should also be reinstalled.


When you take your car for an oil change, ensure the cabin air filters are checked. Changing it increases the vehicle’s overall performance. It is recommended that they are changed after every 15,000 to 25,000 miles.

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