The 7 Must-Dos To Better Manage Your Employees

Manage Your Employees

Running a company is not an easy job and it sure is not a one-man job. Imagine every employee like a cog in a machine. If one is not working properly, it can disrupt the whole system. Like a crew on a ship, you must take good care and manage your employees so your ship can sail smoothly.

Good management will benefit both your company and your employees. Your company will grow larger and so will your profits. Employees will be happier to work in a well-organized company. Even though taking the responsibility and doing all the managing can be stressful sometimes, it will be totally worth it.

1. Select the right personnel

You need to thoroughly look through your job candidates. Make sure to take a good look at their CV and motivational letter. Besides looking for the wanted working skills in an employee, check out their personality during the interview. Look for people who are honest, enthusiastic, and team players. Imagine if you and your employees will enjoy working with that person.

2. Monitoring productivity

Keeping track of clock-ins and clock-outs and making sure your employees are not wasting time on social media is important. Doing the near-impossible job of physically monitoring is time-wasting and is anxiety-inducing to your employees, unlike this monitoring software for employees, which saves you from being like a policeman and from using your time filling out manual timesheets and activity logs. Digital monitoring has proven to be a more efficient and more employee-friendly way of time management. 

3. Have clear goals

Set up the expectations you want to see from your employees. They also require to know what exact job they need to do. Without proper goals, employees will become confused and unmotivated. Crunch up the numbers that you want to see. Make clear deadlines when a goal needs to be reached.

4. Communicate and look for feedback

Open communication and honesty are important. You need to be as open as you can be with everyone. Set up a mail where everyone can contact you and answer the mails regularly. Do not be vague. Speak clearly and no fancy and alienating phrases. Make your words into something that can be held accountable.

Be a good listener. As much as you need to tell your employees what to do, you also need to hear their own words. You can only benefit by knowing what your employees need and listening to their opinions on the state of the company. It will also have a good impact that their voices can be heard.

5. Reward, not punish

Many people think that a good leader needs to be feared. That they need to be cruel and feared. Although some amount of respect is needed, there is no need to be a fear-mongering leader. Many studies have shown that leaders who appreciate and reward their employees are much more respected. 

Not only that, the companies with leaders who reward their employees are much more successful, have a better company image, and their employees are more motivated. Just be careful not to do it too much to one single person. You do not want to create an impression of having a favorite.

6. Be a good role model

People need to know who they can look up to. By being that symbol of what you want, people will follow you. You can’t expect people to be hard-working and honest if you are not like that yourself.  Be kind to others, like a good mentor, and help where is needed. You do not need to be held on a pedestal and remember that you are human as well as your employees.

Make sure to introspect your decisions and how you treat your subordinates. Reflect on your interactions and what impressions you left on your employees. You will make some mistakes eventually. What you need to do in those cases is to learn from your experience. 

7. Trust your managers

As much as you want to keep track of everything, you can’t. Not only that, if you try it you can look like a control freak. By keeping a good relationship with your managers, they can be of much help. Besides helping you, you also do not create a feeling of favoritism between your employees. You can also learn much more from them by seeing different approaches in their work style.

keeping a good relationship

In summary, to have a well-ordered company, you need to take good care of your employees. Hiring the right people is the first step and it needs to be done without rushing. Using employee monitoring software is a really good method for managing time. Setting up clear goals sets the right direction where you want your employees headed. Listen to your employees and reward good work etiquette. Do what you want to see others do and keep good relationships with your subordinates.

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