The Best 15 Free Tech Tools & Websites Every Teacher Should Know About

Education systems have traditionally been tech-resistant. Only a decade ago, most teachers were still using an ancient classroom technique called “I will talk and you will listen.” However, times have changed drastically in the last few years and now most professors understand the benefits of using assistant services while working.

Even the IT amateurs can find a plethora of useful software and apps online, so you should definitely consider embracing a few of those tools yourself. Since the number of available services is countless, we will help you by presenting the top 15 free tech tools and websites every teacher should know about.

1. Evernote

Good teachers always try to make their lectures more interesting, which is why every creative idea comes in handy. However, the worst thing that can happen is to forget a brilliant idea and let it slip through your fingers. Evernote solves this problem by allowing you to write down your thoughts quickly and effortlessly. Besides that, you can use this app to create teaching plans, set notifications, and many more.

2. Project Gutenberg

Despite the huge influx of technology, it is still pretty much impossible to study without books. Project Gutenberg grants you access to almost 60 thousand eBooks, including a vast majority of masterpieces of the world’s literature. The project is based on user donations, but you don’t have to pay for anything unless you really want to.

3. Duolingo

If you are a language teacher, you might find Duolingo to be an excellent learning app for your students. The best thing about this mobile app is that it supports learning in over 30 languages, some of which are Russian, Chinese, French, and German. Duolingo is entertaining because it adds gamification elements to the studying process. Most students consider it amusing and spend a lot of time using Duolingo outside of the classroom, thus improving their language skills relatively quickly.

4. Ninja Essays

If you are really short on time and looking for top essay writing services, you might want to check out Ninja Essays. It’s a professional writing service with over 400 educated authors who can give you interesting essay ideas or even write the paper on your behalf.

We analyzed a bunch of other agencies and learned that some of them also deliver high-quality content, including EssayMama, Australianwritings, Australian essays, and Besttermpaper.

5. Google Earth

Google Earth is a tool that enables students to travel the world without leaving their seats. It is by far the best geography learning platform because it transfers users to faraway places, organizes virtual tours, and measures distances. It works across multiple platforms, which means you can use Google Earth on the web, mobile, or on desktop computers.

6. Real World Math

Speaking of Google Earth, here is another tool that perfectly pairs with it. Real World Math is doing what its name says – it helps students to solve real-world math problems. The developers of this program explain that it represents “a collection of free math activities for Google Earth designed for students and educators.” The goal is, of course, to show students how math works when you take it out of textbooks.

7. Piktochart

People process visual information much faster than plain text. This is the reason why some teachers create infographics to make their lessons visually appealing. If you are one of those professors, you might as well test Piktochart. It’s a simple design tool that enables even beginner-level users to craft beautiful infographics. Piktochart has lots of interesting templates and makes the infographic creation a routine job.

8.  Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreading and editing tools available online. You just need to copy/paste the text and this app will identify every spelling or grammar mistake within seconds. It’s a very useful service if you need your documents tested instantly, but it can miss errors every now and then. If you are looking for a professional editing agency instead, check out services like assignment masters, essay writing, or cheap essay service.

9. Cartoonist

A significant percentage of teachers work with young kids and struggle to keep their attention and focus. Cartoonist could be your way to overcome the obstacle as it enables users to create interesting cartoon lessons rather simply. Using this tool, you can play with characters, props, effects, and backgrounds to design entertaining lessons for the youngest pupils.

10. Citation Machine

Citation Machine is an online program that assists users in improving the professional credibility of their papers and academic works. This tool scans textual documents in order to detect unintentional plagiarism, which is a big benefit in the digital environment where you can never be too sure of authenticity.

11. Podbean

Podcasting is a relatively new teaching method that helps professors to record lessons so that pupils can listen to them online whenever needed. Podbean gives you the opportunity to start podcasting effortlessly and free of charge. The program is intuitive and easy to learn, which means you don’t have to be a tech guru to make interesting audio lessons for your students.

12. Hemingway App

Our fellow colleagues at the global assignment help agency told us about Hemingway App while we were working together on Edu Birdie reviews. Hemingway App is an outstanding editing platform that allows you to proofread and edit documents, but it’s the readability score that makes this app so amazing.

Namely, the tool displays the grade level required to understand your text and gives you suggestions on how to make your prose more readable. With this app, you can make your papers and essays simpler and more appropriate for low-level pupils.

13. Rewordify

Similar to Hemingway App, Rewordify also gives you valuable suggestions style-wise. It helps teachers prepare better lessons, but the main feature comes in the form of simplification. Rewordify allows you to simplify difficult English for faster comprehension and clearer classroom communication.

14. Survey Monkey

Sometimes you need to organize opinion polls and ask a lot of students to answer the same questions. In such circumstances, it’s easier to create an online survey than to physically question each student individually. Survey Monkey offers you a bunch of templates that you can customize and publish online to get all the answers you need almost instantly.

15. Dropbox

In case you want to assist students and collaborate, you need a place to store project-related documentation. Dropbox is a cloud-based tool that enables mass online storage, so you and your students can access each file from wherever you want.


With so many apps and programs available online, you cannot afford to become a traditional classroom teacher anymore. We showed you the top 15 free tech tools and websites every teacher should know about, so make sure to check them out and use the ones that suit your style the most!

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