What Are the Benefits of Custom-printed Lanyards

You’ve seen lanyard since the start of your pre-school year, and up to this day, you are probably still wearing one. The good news is you are not alone. There are hundreds of people wearing them too. Be it at the office, gym, hospital, or school. You will see people wearing colorful lanyards anywhere they move around. The reason why many businesses, companies, and other industries let their people wear customized lanyards is that it offers hundreds of uses and a plethora of advantages. Plus, they are undeniably fashionable and highly convenient to wear. 

What Are the Benefits of Custom-printed Lanyards 1

Most of the time, when you are enrolled or employed by a certain school or company, they give you a lanyard printed with the name of the business you are visiting, wearing as identification besides having a personal ID. Thousands of businesses use lanyards to promote their products or services. According to recent studies, it has become a highly effective marketing tool for a small and large enterprise. This resulted in manufacturers to increase production and adjust them based on the client’s needs and budget. 

A lanyard is made up of nylon or woven material. That is available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and styles. If you are planning to have a customized lanyard for your business, one tip is to make sure your design is unique and stylish to engage and interact with your target market. 

Here are some of the main benefits you can get when you have your lanyard customized:


One of the best benefits a lanyard could give to anyone who wants it is its price. Lanyards are less expensive than other kinds of promotional gift items such as mugs, umbrellas, and notebooks. The overall investment that you need to shelf out for customised lanyard printing is significantly lower and has a stronger return. Especially when you ordered in bulk, the manufacturer gives a lower price. Making it a cost-effective solution if you are tight in budget. Once you have them gathered up, all you need to think about is print name cards and hook it up with your custom made lanyards. It is a powerful tool that makes you feel like you belong to a certain group making it easier for you to be identified and communicate at a certain place like your workplace.

Brand Exposure

Every business and company needs to stand out, especially when your proposed target market is being bombarded by your other competitors. Lanyards that are custom printed are more than just a holder of your identification card. It can also be a great marketing tool. For you to use this technique efficiently, have your company name or logo printed to the lanyards, and you will see a gradual increase in your brand visibility. The custom made lanyard can also serve as a promotional giveaway to prospective clients or during face to face conversation, thus making brand recognition whenever they see your logo. 

What Are the Benefits of Custom-printed Lanyards 2


Custom printed lanyards offer a wide variety of benefits to anyone who wears it. One of which is comfort. They are ideal for people going to work looking for a holder of their ID cards and keys, keeping them available to reach anytime and safe to store. Since they are used to wear around your neck, it offers flexibility for your hand to freely do whatever you want to do with it without any hindrance of holding your things all the time. Another benefit of wearing a custom printed lanyard is it’s fashion-friendly. Any lanyard that has a print on it will match the outfit you are wearing. Since it’s only worn around your neck, it is not prone to damage your clothes. 


If you have worn a lanyard before, you know how versatile this item can be. You can add hooks on them and pins to add more design to it. You may also attach important things like flash disk, small coin purse, and even mobile phones—a perfect accessory when you are attending sports competitions or any conferences. Custom printed lanyards are very versatile as well. It is a good accessory, and at the same time, you are efficiently advertising your brand. 

Safety and Security

With all the custom personalization you have printed on your lanyards design such as logo, company name, color, and other shapes, you decrease the chance of getting a security breach. It is easy to identify any unauthorized personnel by simply checking if they are wearing a lanyard based on the design your company has issued. One tip to improve your security measure and make your working environment a safer place, create a custom made lanyard that has a unique design that is different from employees. That way, it is easy for your employees to identify and establish people roaming around your floor and if they have gone to the right visitor process.  


Establishing trust is important every day, whether it be at school or in your workplace. It plays a big part in the overall success of any business or company. Experts suggest that most consumers do not give in to buy a product instantly. They buy from the person they trust. When your employee tries to sell your products, and these household owners see your representative’s custom made lanyard, that first meet up could end up a long and strong relationship. 

No one can deny how useful a lanyard can be. It is a perfect accessory for all occasions. With all these benefits of custom made lanyards, it would be hard to say not to implement this idea. 

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