Why Companies Should Prefer Billboard Advertising In Digital Age?

Billboards are a large part of the outdoor arena advertising. This method of advertising has transformed the landscape of visibility. Billboards have made a platform to reach the masses while they are on the commute to work, socialise or essentials. Unlike other advertising modes like broadcasting, billboards can’t be switched on or off as per mood. Even print ads or digital advertising have a shelf life as it disappears when it arrives but billboards are the aesthetic compulsion that makes a product- a brand!

billboard advertising

When it comes to digital ads no matter what people open or search, they have to view ads in order to get through which means a huge amount of on-screen time is spent watching ads. It can be in the form of an animated banner, pop-up ads, streaming video ads or television commercials. Due to this, people have begun to ignore online ads by skipping it or just not using the products or pages with more ads.

Digital advertising and email marketing campaigns are devised in a way that it only goes to the targeted audience. While the billboards and other outdoor advertising solutions still prove to be a more reliable and effective way of reaching the targeted audience.

Doesn’t get ignored

With so many ads popping up on the mobile and laptop screens, people have begun to ignore the ads. The first instinct of people nowadays has become to close the window or wait for the ‘Skip Ad’ button to appear. However, the billboards don’t face the same fate. They are still eye-catching when designed professionally and to the point. It can easily grab the attention of people passing by and are places where there are a lot of people. Once a person looks at a billboard they are most likely to read what is written on it. It has become a habit of people to look at ads while they pass by in order to not get bored by walking or commuting. Just one look at the billboard and people absorb what is written on it in their minds. Creative billboards are a great way to promote a brand in a unique and memorable way. If people see something attractive and miss it, they search for it again.

Visible results 

The billboards get strategically placed on major highways, on busy road strips, transport hubs, etc.to make them more effective. With a consistent design, people become more and more aware of the brand. There are different ways in which billboard advertising Sydney can provide visible results.

  • Walking billboards outside restaurants or on the street are the best example of it. An owner can clearly see the change in the number of visitors before and after using a walking billboard service. It is not just an increase in number but an increase in sales in front of their eyes. It is a direct conversion from viewer to the consumer which matters the most.
  • The consumers even come to the place and ask about the offer they saw on the billboard to get complete information about it. People who walk to the office or travel to office through bus or trains usually watch the billboards and check out the place if it nearby.

Traditional method with digital and new options

  • The billboards are available in digital options. There are numerous digital billboards placed at some of the most popular and crowded locations in the city. It is not something that would give people screen fatigue and is well-received by commuting the audience
  • The digital billboards allow companies to place various ads in one billboard which keeps rolling. 


It is no doubt a good thing that there are various means of advertising available in the market. The outdoor marketing has grown into a good way providing the option to clients to choose billboards according to their requirements. If the company wants to market in on a particular road strip or outside their place, there are options like walking billboard and scooter advertising options available for it. If a brand wants to cover a part of the city, the mobile billboards and scooter billboards are the best options. If the company wants to go all out to promote its brand, trailer advertising, signage, huge billboard options are available. It all depends on executing it properly to gain the maximum advantage of it.

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