mafia warsMafia wars has become one of the most popular multi-player game in Facebook. The game of Mafia Wars is the kind that will keep you glued to your browser for a whole day. It is a game that can be very addictive, and a good way to have fun with your friends on social networking sites. To become an expert in the game, you must have the right tactics to win the mafia. You have to become a Mafia, and you will have to act like one. Your dream in the game should be to become a top Mafia Boss. The idea of being a big boss of your own organized crime family sounds really exciting, exhilarating and thrilling. To start playing just do a search for Mafia Wars on Facebook. It is also available for yahoo, MySpace, tagged and iPhone too and because of its popularity, a lot of people are making a great business from it!

Here are some Mafia Wars cheats and tricks that you can try, I even used it in my Facebook and it’s cool.

Mafia wars Auto player
Did you heard about Mafia wars auto player Scripts? but before you try it, I have to warn you about Zynga terms and conditions.. You might get banned for using any script.. Anyway, this tool can auto play your mafia wars game according to your saved settings. To install this tool, you need to use Mozilla Firefox. Follow the steps below.

Note: Use this script at you own risk.

1. Make sure you are running Mozilla Firefox Browser.. If not, you can download Mozilla here and If you are already using Firefox, then go to second step.

2. Install Greasemonkey Add-on for Firefox. Here is the link for Greasemonkey: Greasemonkey. Just click the link and click Add to Firefox, it will automatically install the add-on and restart Firefox.

3. Now, go to Facebook Mafia Wars Autoplayer Script and click install to install the script.

4. Log in to your Facebook account and go to mafia wars, you will see some new link named Auto Play Settings there. Instructions for this Mafia wars auto player can be found at this link..

Mafia Wars Auto player Script Guide and tutorials.

Setup and save your own settings to cheat Facebook’s mafia wars game. And have fun..

Your settings will depend on where you are at in the game and how often you will be checking on it. The tool setting is very easy and it does not make complex decisions, it just run and auto select things. If you have questions about the scripts and want to see the latest script updates, just go to subscribe by email.

Here are some settings that I have changed:
1. Enable auto-bank / Maximum amount
– This will automatically make deposits for you once your cash goes above the amount you set. I was losing $ from fights and didn’t like that.
2. Enable auto-pause
– This will pause the script Choose between Before or After you level up. I choose to have the tool auto-pause after level up so that I can manually spend the Energy depending on whether I need particular loot or am working on finishing a particular tier.
3. I have set the setting to not auto-purchase Properties but I have enabled it to auto-fix and auto-protect. The script will automatically withdraw money from the bank if needed.
4. When I know I won’t be able to check on the auto-process for a long length of time I set the setting tool to auto-run a job with high energy to exp. ratio. And, also one that doesn’t expend a special loot item like Concealable Camera, Untraceable Cell-phone, etc. The reason is that if I run out of that item it won’t continue to run the job thereby defeating the purpose of the tool.
5. A good tip is to adjust the Stamina settings so that you aren’t fighting big mafias, especially if you aren’t maxed out in your own. Set the maximum Mafia setting to a number well below your own to ensure you are winning fights.
6. Disable “All” notifications and Gift wall posts. These are not necessary.

If you’re looking for a Mafia War members, you can go to they have a lists of emails of mafia war addicts where you can send your invites. Use it with care.

There’s still a lot more interesting to learn here but you are better off trying it out yourself and see what works for you. Have fun!


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