How to Prevent Termites Getting on Your Woodworks

Termites are the worst types of pests you can encounter, they are destructive and have a tendency to come in swarms. This is why termite control services are good to have in your emergency contacts. These pests feed on anything that have cellulose in them including your furniture and wood works. They are subterranean insects meaning they dwell in the ground and make tunnel systems to travel around. These pests can be a menace to your whole household if you’re not careful, once you have an infestation it will be hard to control. Before an infestation occurs be sure to take preventive actions to keep your house and woodworks safe from becoming food.

prevent termites

Remove Moisture

Do a thorough check of your home, from top to bottom especially gutters and water sources. Get rid of excess moisture, small pools of water and make sure all leaks are covered. Termites thrive in moist areas they can live here and even scarier is this is the perfect environment for them to multiply. Make sure that there is no opportunity for a colony of termites to grow right next to your house. Destroy their potential homes before they populate and destroy yours.

Seal Access

Since termites are known to be subterranean be weary of what makes contact with the ground. Having wood in direct contact with the ground is just inviting these termites to enter your home, the wood will attract termites to your house as well as provide nutrition for them to multiply. Be wary of small cracks and holes that termites can enter through, be sure to have a fresh coat of paint to seal these cracks and crevices. A professional exterior wood paint from kitchenhome.co.uk will do the job.

You can also cover the wood that is in contact with the ground with termiticide to repel termites. Bug screens on vents can also help prevent termites from entering, make sure that even openings on higher floors are sealed. Even if termites are subterranean some termites have the ability to fly and can access the higher floors.

Control Vegetation

Make sure to maintain your landscape or garden, don’t let your plants and grass get too unruly and tall because these could end up being bridges for termites to access different areas of the house. Also take note of any holes that are on the ground naturally. These holes could be a sign of a termite colony that I already present in your garden. If you have trees and other sources of cellulose in the garden inspect them and make sure there’s no sign of termites. Old lumber and that could be stored in the yard is at a risk as well and could be the reason for the possible multiplication of the termite. If you do see any signs of there being a termite colony already, don’t wait for the termites to start entering your home and just call professionals to assess and take care of the problem.

Be sure to always be aware of the state of your home, make sure that there are no secret entrances that can entice termites to an all you can eat buffet on your furniture. If you want to be thorough there are many pest control services that could either assess the situation and even get rid of potential termite colonies near your home.           

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