3 Ways to Handle Abusive Customers

3 Ways to Handle Abusive Customers 1

Whether you’re in helpdesk services, sales or waiting tables you have come across a rude customer, someone who can annoy you just with their words. Sometimes you encounter these people on a daily basis, it’s something you cannot avoid especially in the industries of sales and hospitality. As much as you want to shout back at them or physically lash out at them it is part of your job to stand there and bare the verbal abuse to come, because somebody once told you that the customer is always right. Just to help you keep your cool in these moments here are a few tips to handle these types of customers.

Show Empathy

Usually when a customer gets verbally abusive it is because they are frustrated with something, whether it’s the service or the product the customer is not satisfied. As the person giving the service the best thing you could do in this situation is understand the customer and his/her reasons for being frustrated. Once you find the problem show your empathy by stating to the customer that you understand where they are coming from and if you were in their shoes you would react in the same way. This will help the customer calm down and realize that he is not irrational and maybe be open to your suggestions on handling the problem.

Maintain Good Manners

No matter how high or loud the voice of the customer gets you as a professional should always maintain good manners. Keep calm and collected even if the customer starts using vulgarities and attacking your character as a person resist every urge to answer back. Learn to take it and remember that whatever they say is not personal and it is brought out of anger and frustration, they do not know you which makes their attacks on your character invalid. Remember that this is just a moment it is only one customer they will eventually leave so let the negativity leave with them.

Practice Good Communication

Calmly explain to the customer that you are there to assist them and remember that when you are speaking to them do not match their tone and volume allow them to adjust to yours. Calmly explain to the customer that it is difficult to communicate when tempers are too hot and the only way to address the situation and find a solution is to take a breath and let calmer heads prevail. Only when the customer is calm then can you communicate to them properly and be able to lay out the options to address the problem.

Remember that your job scope is about attending to the customers, whether they’re nice or not you have to learn to take the customers as they are. You will have to be the one to adjust to their tempers and mannerisms. You have to invest in their experience because at the end of the day a happy customer will benefit you. Maintain your cool and professional attitude throughout the experience and remember that your colleagues all know what you are going through.


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3 Ways to Handle Abusive Customers 2Carl Padilla

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