Agrilink – Aqualink – Foodlink Exhibition and Seminars 2011

At 18, Agrilink, the country’s premiere international agribusiness exhibition, remains unparalleled. Each year just keeps getting better with more exhibitors, product showcase, information on technologies and market linkages for practically the whole spectrum of the agribusiness chain. So much so that participants of the farm-to-fork chain and all else in between make it a point to gather every October to meet, do business, forge and strengthen ties and keep themselves abreast with the latest that Philippine agribusiness has to offer.

18th International Agribusiness Exhibition and Seminars
12th International Food Processing, Packaging and Products Exhibition
7th National Fisheries Exhibition and Seminars

Trade Fair Dates: October 6-8, 2011
Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM), Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Philippines

Seminar and Special Event Schedules

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October 6, 2011 (Thursday)Seminars
1:00PM – 3:00PMProtecting Your Farm Against Piglet Diarrhea
by Univet Nutrition & Animal Healthcare Company
(Sem. Rm. A)

• Sustaining Philippine Marine Fisheries
• Sustaining Philippine Inland Fisheries
• Sustaining Philippine Aquaculture

by: Philippine Fisheries Association (Sem. Rm. C)

1:00PM – 5:30PM• Nutrition Requirement of Goats and Sheep
• Artificial Insemination, The Quick Answer to our Quest for Increased Small Ruminants Production

Opportunities in Sheep Raising

by: Federation of Goat & Sheep Producers & Associations of the Philippines, Inc. (Sem. Rm. B)

3:00PM – 5:30PMPartnership Building: The Key Towards Greater Productivity and Sustainability of Farming Communities

• Agro Industrial Venture Opportunities in Rice Based Farming Systems

by: PhilRice (Sem. Rm. A)

Pest Management Strategies/ Organic Crop Producttion

• Post Harvest Handling of Organic Fresh Produce

by: Post Harvest Horticulture Training and Research
Center (Sem. Rm. C)

 Special Events (Lobby, WTC)
11:00AM – 12:00NN Cooking Demonstration
by: Nat’l. Onion Growers Coop. Marketing Association NOGROCOMA
12:30PM – 1:30PM“Hero Jumbo Sausage” Eating Contest
2:00PM – 5:00PMProduct Launching
by: Univet Nutrition & Animal Healthcare Company
October 7, 2011 (Friday)Seminars
10:30AM – 12:30PM

From the Farm to the Fork, How to Produce the Golden Pork?

by Le Club-FCC/ Olmix (Sem. Rm. A)

Alternative to Corn as Feedstock for Livestock

by: San Miguel Foods, Inc. (Sem. Rm. B)

• Production of Disease- Free Planting Materials-tissue Culture

• Kamote as an Alternative Staple Food

• Introduction of Philippine on Natural Farming

by: Department of Agriculture (Sem. Rm. C)

 Lunch Break
1:00PM – 3:00PM

Surviving the Challenges of Animal Production-Feed Enzyme and Feed Cost Savings!!!

by: Le Club- FCC/ Adisseo Asia Pacific (Sem. Rm. A)

Benefits of Coarse Grinding Plus Expander Treatment on Animal Health and Feed Conversion
by: Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG (Sem. Rm. B)

1:00PM – 5:30PM

• Adlai as Traditional Staple Food
• Influence of Roasting on the Total Phenotic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Philippine Coffee
and Increase Production: Use Organic
Fertilizer Plus Microbial Inoculant
by D.A. (Sem. Rm. B)

3:30PM – 5:30PM

Natural Piggery Movement: Natural Standards and Farmers Farm Collective Clustering
by Center For Natural Farming Initiative Association, Inc.

Free- Range Chicken Production as In-Between Cash Crop for Small Scale Farming

by: Bounty Fresh (Sem. Rm. B)

 Special Events (Lobby, WTC)
10:30AM – 5:00PMSan Miguel Foods, Inc. Activities
October 8, 2011 (Saturday)Seminars
10:30AM – 12:30PM• Sustainable Fish Farming Technologies in Cages

• Techno Vannamei 1-0-Juan: Cost Reduction Methods in Efficient White Shrimp Culture

• Opportunities in the Culture of High Value Marine Fishes in Mariculture Parks

Santeh Feeds (Sem. Rm. A)

High Value Commercial Crop Production

by: Allied Botanical (Sem. Rm. B)

1:00AM – 5:30PMSeminar

by Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources (Sem. Rm. A)

1:00AM – 3:00PM• Introduction of PAFPAI’s Standards for Free- Range Chicken Production
by Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources (Sem. Rm. A)

• How to Raise Free-Range Chicken and Feeds Production

• Organic Farming Practices in Compliance with Agriculture

by: OPTA/ Pamora Farms/ PAFPAI (Sem. Rm. B)

DA Rice Mechanization Roadmap: Rice Production and Postharvest Program

by: PHILMECH (Sem. Rm. C)

3:30AM – 5:30PM• All about Herbal Health and Wellness
by: AANI (Sem. Rm. C)

• Malunggay Foliage Production

• Malunggay Leaf Powder Processing

by: Bureau of Plant and Industry (BPI) (Sem. Rm. C)

 Special Events (Lobby, WTC)
10:00AM – 12:00NNAgri-Kapihan Forum – Organic Agriculture
4:30PM – 5:30PMCooking Demonstration
by: Bureau of Animal Industry

For inquiries, please contact the organizer:

Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development, Inc.:
S-122, Building 1, Mangosteen Road
FTI Complex, Taguig City, Philippines
Tels.: (632) 838-4852, 838-4549, 838-4491, 838-4605
Fax: (632) 838-4573, 838-4854
Email: frld@pldtdsl.net or frld.agrilink@gmail.com
Website: www.agrilink.org

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