How To Make Chicken Nuggets

chicken nuggetsA chicken nugget is either whole or composed from a paste of finely minced chicken and purposefully added chicken skin, which is then coated in batter or breadcrumbs before being cooked. Fast-food restaurants typically deep-fry their nuggets in oil. Oven-baking is the usual method of preparation at home.

Chicken nuggets are often made using a high proportion of chicken skin. This is because without the skin the consistency would not be sticky enough for the nuggets to hold together. Food labelling law dictates that skin used to make the nugget need not be distinguishable from the muscle consumers, normally think of when they hear the word “meat”. The remainder of the nugget is most likely to be made up of mechanically separated meat, with some processing additives such as antifoaming agents.

Chicken Nuggets1

Meat material:
700 gms. Chicken lean, ground finely
300 gms. Chicken skin, ground finely

Ingredients :

Curing Mix
1T (12.00 gms) Salt, refined
1t (3.00 gms) Phospate
1/4 cup(62.5 gms) Chilled water(to dissolve the above ingredients)

1/4 cup(18.00 gms) TVP
1T (5.00 gms) Isolate
1/2t (1.25 gms) Carageenan

In 1/4 cup water, add 1/4 cup textured vegetable protein(TVP).
Hydrate for 3 minutes.
Add 1/2 tsp. Caregeenan and 1T Isolate

1T (10.00 gms) Sugar, refined
1t (1.20 gms) Nutmeg
1t (2.00 gms) White pepper
1T (12.00 gms) Garlic fresh
1t (2.00 gms) or garlic powder
2T (3.00 gms) Sesame oil
1/2t (1.00 gm) Meat enhancer
1/2t (1.00 gm) Vetsin(MSG)

Procedure :

1. chill meat and backfat before grinding. Grind pork and backfat using a fine plate.

2. Measure or weigh all the ingredients. Mix meat with backfat and mix with curing mix until tacky. Add hydrated extenders little by little until well blended. Finally add the seasonings. Mix well.

3. Form into shapes(rectangular, squares, etc). Roll in breading (Mixture maybe placed in rectangular container and freeze overnight. After freezing, cut into squares. Roll in breading.)

4. Deep fat fry until golden brown for 30 seconds at 180oC. Serve hot or freeze if not yet needed.

Yield : 50 pcs. of 1″ x 1 1/2″

Homemade Chicken Nuggets2

1 or 2 3 lbs bags of boneless chicken breasts
1 large can of seasoned bread crumbs
Garlic powder, seasoning salt, onion salt, paprika
7 to 10 eggs
Vegetable oil


In one good size bowl scramble all of your eggs together and then in another bowl put your bread crumbs and seasonings in and mix together (season to your family’s taste) then get out a frying pan fill half way with oil, turn on so it can get hot. Dredge the chicken pieces in the eggs and then mix around in the bread crumb mixture.

When oil is reached about 360oF, start deep frying.

Sources: 1agribusinessweek.com, 2cooks.com

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