4 Tips for an Effective Business Fundraiser

There are lots of reasons why a business might want to embark on a fundraising campaign. It could be due to expansion, or you might be seeking additional funds for more charitable causes. Whatever the reason, fundraising campaigns can be difficult. These tips should help to make the process more straightforward.

#1 Choose a secure platform

First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a secure platform to receive donations and store paperwork. If potential donors identify flaws in your security or suspect that their details might be at risk, then they simply won’t donate. Fundraising requires a lot of paperwork, much of which contains personal details.

Many businesses use deal rooms to store documentation while engaging with donors. The advantages of this are multitudinous. A deal room is extremely secure while still allowing easy, streamlined data sharing. It also makes it easy for business owners to track activity, enabling them to monitor the progress of their fundraising campaign.

#2 Tell your story

Businesses are much more than just a set of numbers and spreadsheets. They have a personal side that can go unnoticed during day-to-day operations. The story of your business runs from a single idea to realization and success. That, in essence, is a human story and one which will fascinate potential donors.

Rather than framing your fundraising endeavor as a purely financial concern, put the story at the forefront. Tell potential donors how their money will be used, what it will do for the business and, most importantly of all, how it will help to write the next chapter of the story. Better still, emphasize how that next chapter will benefit the community and society more widely.

#3 Make use of a donation button

Donation buttons serve a dual purpose. By placing one on your website, you invite donations from anyone and everyone. This helps to push up your total funding. Perhaps even more importantly, they remind you that a fundraising campaign isn’t all about cheques from big donors.

The money brought in via donation buttons will usually be quite small, perhaps no more than a few dollars, but it all counts. It ensures that you never lose touch with your customer base and also helps more people to feel invested in your business. If someone donates money via the button, they, of course, feel as though they have a stake in the future of the business.

#4 Network

Networking takes many forms, all of which are essential as you try to draw attention to your fundraising campaign. Social media is the most obvious choice, but it shouldn’t be pursued in isolation.

Blogs explaining your “mission” and what you intend to do with the funding are equally as important because they give people a better understanding of why they should donate. Email newsletters are important, too, but don’t underestimate more traditional methods. Flyers and leaflet campaigns are vital (especially for smaller, local businesses), and they can make all the difference between success and failure.

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