Furniture Upgrades for Your Company to Become Millennial-Friendly

Office spaces are a far cry from what they were before. The bleak, bland, and monotonous gray walls decorated with stacks of paperwork and stressed-out men in suits have evolved into a vibrant, fun, and less rigidly-structured environments. But that only applies to some offices, particularly start-ups, small businesses, and creative agencies.

Traditional and old-school companies may have still retained remnants of their 90s and early 2000s designs, which can be rather detrimental to the modern worker. People these days are motivated by different things from their predecessors, so it is essential to keep your company’s design up-to-date to attract a new generation of fresh faces.

You can find various commercial office furniture in the market. Modern designs have been taking over for the past few years. The demand for ergonomic and flexible work environments have risen, so it is pertinent to update your furniture to meet these demands.

Collaborative Environment

The millennial and generation Z cohorts grew up under the pressure of collectivism, wherein one person’s mistake would mean the detriment of the rest. Although it has prompted many toward the quest for individuality, it has also instilled values of collaboration.

To fully integrate the new generation of workers into your office space, you need to respect the need for people to work together, share ideas, and help each other grow. Validation among peers is essential and helps them improve much more quickly than waiting for quarterly reports for feedback.

As a result, you need to cater to the needs of young workers. It is crucial to install commercial office furniture that is made explicitly for collaboration. Couches and medium-length tables create a sense of intimacy and close relations. They make idea-sharing seamless and inclusive to all members of the group, as opposed to long or short tables, which limits communication.

By enabling collaborative efforts in your office space, workers can build interpersonal relationships and contribute to each other’s growth, ultimately resulting in a more productive environment.

Flexible Seating Arrangements

Disallowing employees to leave their designated workspaces is not very welcome in 2019. One of this year’s office design trends includes flexible seating arrangements, which allows workers to move around the office when their desks start to feel rather stuffy. A change of pace is always a great way to generate new ideas, especially when you are feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.

There is an excellent mental benefit in allowing your employees to choose where they want to work within the limited bounds of the office. A solution is to choose office furniture with pod-like structures, couches, and acoustic features.

Pods can fit one to three people. They are a great way to share intimate conversations or to work in the comfort of others. Meanwhile, couches accompanied by tables are comfortable and practical for meetings and discussions. A phone booth-like structure is soundproof and great for ensuring privacy, especially during conference calls.

A point to note with modern furniture is that they are not only practical but are also made to be aesthetically pleasing. To complement the environment, fill your office with plants, which are great for cleaning the air and adding a natural vibrancy to the space.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are by no means mandatory, but a great option to have in the office. Some people can work more productively when standing, while others prefer to switch between standing and seating arrangements throughout the day to give their legs some work. These desks are great options to eliminate sleepiness and reduce periods of unproductivity. Not many people utilize them, but it is nice to have anyway.

It is vital to adhere to employee preference when it comes to decorating and equipping your office space. They are, after all, the ones who will be utilizing it the most.

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