Six Steps To Jumpstart Your New Home Business

Once you have a dedicated home office, computer, fax, copier and phone line, you’re ready to launch your new home business. Jump starting your business requires a sound marketing strategy with real mojo. You’ll need to implement all the marketing lessons you have acquired. Whether you’re offering products or services, you can use these six practical steps to get your home business off the ground.

Write a Local Press Release

Chances are there is at least one local newspaper where you live. Whether you already have a general press release written for distribution on the web or not, you can put a local spin on your article announcing your business or service. Most local newspapers love community outreach opportunities, especially if it pertains to an up-and-coming local business.

You can find the contact information for the appropriate editorial staff either in the newspaper itself or on its website. You can even entice the local newspaper to help you out by sending them free promotional items that are related to or that complement the product or service you’re selling.

Place Advertisements

Aside from a newspaper press release, you can also buy advertisements in local and regional newspapers. This may be especially helpful if you live near a major city where submitting a press release is not free, but where newspaper advertisements will be seen by thousands of readers. In your advertisements, you could announce a special offer or grand opening discount to jump start your marketing efforts.

Add Social Media to the Mix

You need to create your own website as well as fan pages for each of the social media outlets. You can create a Facebook fan page so fans can “Like” your product or service. Also, you should create a Twitter account specifically for marketing pursuits. If you’re home business has a local purpose, you can find all the people in a specific city or area and invite them to be “followers” of your Twitter account.

Local Events

Local events that are held often don’t cost too much money to sponsor, which means that you won’t break the bank sponsoring such an event. As an alternative, you could find a local event that permits exhibitors and set up a booth to attract local consumers. During your exhibit, offer some free promotional items that have your brand or company name on them.

Don’t Forget About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important, especially if you want to attract a younger demographic. Employing this marketing tactic, you can essentially build your own list of phone numbers to which you’ll text great deals and freebies in order to get attention and kick start sales. Text message marketing services are readily available and not all that expensive. You can text your list with announcements, sales, giveaways, and other good deals.

Email Marketing Tools

Along with mobile marketing and social media outlets, you certainly don’t want to exclude email marketing, which is already a popular way of communicating with new and potential customers. You can sign up with an auto responder, and put an opt-in box either on your website or on your social networking fan pages. As you build your list, you don’t want to spam your potential buyers with tacky sales messages, but offer relevant content to build a relationship. This will give you credibility when you get ready to offer a special deal or new product.

These are six great ideas for any home business to get started with their marketing efforts. None of these strategies are too expensive to implement, but they can have huge outcomes as it relates to kick starting sales and launching your home business off the ground!

By: Maya Case

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  1. Stephen L says:

    Hi Maya

    Thanks for this post.  Online entrepreneurs who are just starting can find wisdom in your post. 

    As an online entrepreneur myself, I would like to add that another important step is for you to start to get to know your clients.  Before engaging in any marketing activities, its best if the entrepreneur will focus on his target clients and try to find out what they need. 

    One great internet marketer once said that this is the best time to start an online business. The broad reach of the Internet allows any individual who has the passion and skills to dominate and become a “rock star” in the Internet world.

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