What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit from Propane?

Liquified petroleum gas, mainly known as propane, has countless good things that make it a significant player in the energy world.  Many people don’t realize how good it is or what it’s capable of and miss out on the benefits it can offer.  Businesses are the ones with the most to gain, with significant savings and more predictability than they could ever get from other energy sources.

Here are the top businesses that could benefit from propane and why it would help them.


Propane may seem like a strange idea for a restaurant until you take ovens and stoves into consideration.  Not only does propane offer even heating, but it also heats faster, can last longer than natural gas, and doesn’t add any strange flavor or smell to the food.  On top of all of this, when compared to electricity, propane costs half the price to keep a professional kitchen running.


Because they’re large buildings, hotels have a lot of space to heat.  Propane offers level and smooth heating that can remain constant throughout the entire hotel.  Above this, this gas is capable of running industrial dried quickly and well.  The average hotel has to wash hundreds of sets of sheets and pillowcases every day; these businesses need a dryer that’s both reliable and effective.


When people think of resorts, they think of hot steamy baths, mud treatments, and a soothing environment.  If the heating is going to click on and off every five minutes and cause the temperatures to wobble all over the place: it’s not exactly soothing.  Propane can heat water to a comfortable constant temperature while also ensuring the heating system runs smoothly for as long as necessary.

Dry Cleaners

Similar to hotels, dry cleaners need dryers that are capable of doing the best job possible.  These facilities also need water heating that is both predictable and constant to ensure that all clothing is treated the way it needs to be.  A good propane supplier will give a dry cleaner a chance at an even wash and dry that will impress every customer.  


When people think of greenhouses, they don’t think of power sources.  In the winter, though, the power of a greenhouse is essential.  Plants must be kept at a constant temperature to continue to grow once the weather chills, and propane can do that.  Another perk it offers plant growing areas is it’s non-toxic and won’t leach into the soil or air in a way that will damage these plants.


Warehouses are notoriously difficult to heat and cool cost-effectively.  The employees and goods in any given warehouse deserve to be comfortable and warm when the weather turns, and propane is the only energy source that can guarantee that.  By giving off smooth and constant heat, propane offers the chance to save money, last longer, and avoid considerable fluctuations in temperature that could damage employee morale and the products themselves.

Propane isn’t just a single trick player!  It’s capable of even heating, able to power ovens and stoves, and won’t damage the earth or cost a fortune as it does it.  It’s the best choice for nearly every business.

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