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This article is written to let internet users know about downloading MP3 files, whether from YouTube or any other websites. MP3 format alongside MP4 format are the two best formats you can download your files to. While MP4 is a video format, MP3 is an audio format, which means the MP3 format is more user friendly because you do not need to hold your phone when you are playing your file. After all, it would have been converted to an audio format.

YTD video downloader

Some websites allow internet users to download youtube mp3 videos directly, while others do not allow that. One of the websites that does not allow that is YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube is the website with the highest number of videos. In that case, there has to be a way internet user can download videos from YouTube and many other websites that do not allow internet users to download videos directly.

What is certain is that if you can follow us to the end of this article, it is guaranteed that you will be able to download videos in MP3 format from YouTube and other websites that do not allow internet users to download videos directly from their website.

If you want to download videos from YouTube and other websites, then you can use the

  • Ontiva MP3 Downloader

Why worry or pay money to download videos from YouTube and other websites when you can download them for free on Ontiva MP3 Downloader. Ontiva MP3 Downloader is an online website that has been helping internet users in the area of downloading. When you choose Ontiva MP3 Downloader, you will experience what it means to download videos at fast speed. With its well-designed user interface, you get to experience what user friendly is.

Ontiva MP3 Downloader does not waste your time because it allows you to skip the registration process and go directly to where you will download your videos. Furthermore, you enjoy unlimited access to the website because you do not have to worry about any restrictions.

If you like what you have read about Ontiva MP3 Downloader and you want to download your MP3 files with Ontiva MP3 Downloader, search for the video you want to download on YouTube or other websites and copy the Uniform Resource Locator link of the video. Once you get that, you can leave the website and open Ontiva MP3 Downloader’s website. As soon as it is opened, paste the link you have copied in the Search box and select MP3 format when you are asked to select a format. The next thing is to click on the ‘Convert’ button. Wait for a few seconds as your video gets converted. When you are sure that it has been converted, the last thing required of you is to click the ‘Download’ button and choose a folder to enable Ontiva MP3 Downloader to save the file to your device.

  • Evano MP3 Downloader

Another free website where you can get videos from YouTube and other websites downloaded in MP3 format straight to your smartphone or laptop is Evano MP3 Downloader. In terms of stature, popularity, and acceptability, Evano MP3 Downloader stands shoulder to shoulder with Ontiva MP3 Downloader. Both are arguably the two best downloaders you can find anywhere in the world today. It possesses almost all the features possessed by Ontiva MP3 Downloader. From speed to user-friendliness, to affordability, to ease of use and even other features that Ontiva MP3 Downloader does not have. It is a great website to visit whenever you need your videos downloaded, especially in MP3 format.

When you pick Evano MP3 Downloader as your preferred downloader, and you want to download videos from YouTube and other websites, the process is simple. Just scroll up a little and follow the steps to be taken when downloading with Ontiva MP3 Downloader. You will certainly achieve the same result. That was the reason why we said they are very similar in terms of how they operate.

  • Free MP3 Downloader

Evano MP3 Downloader is followed closely by Free MP3 Downloader in our shortlist. It is also a very fast downloader, and it is free to use. It boasts of a nice graphical interface, which makes the website a joy to visit. It does not require any form of registration to use. Asides that, it does not restrict the number or length of videos that can be downloaded.

To download an MP3 and how to convert video with Free MP3 Downloader, you can also use the same procedures for downloading videos with Ontiva MP3 Downloader.

  • 4K Downloader

The last downloader on our shortlist is a 4K downloader. 4k Downloader is a world-renowned downloader used almost in every part of the world. From fast download to nice interface and affordability, 4K Downloader is among the best downloaders. Downloading YouTube videos or other videos in MP3 format can be done the same way it is done with Ontiva MP3 Downloader.

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