WhatsApp addiction of teenagers and how to deal it with monitoring app

Smartphones are object of great wonder mainly because of the versatile facilities it offer. The integrated applications that come with it are enough to keep you hooked to smartphones. WhatsApp is one such popular messaging application that lets you exchange text, audio and video files along with making audio and video voice calls to people across the world. The app does not come with any sort of ads, banners or reminders thus you can chat with your loved ones without any restraint for as long as you wish to. The application is user friendly and can operate efficiently under any circumstances.

Teenagers and kids in adolescent period are in love this app and tend to spend major part of the day in this app. They talk to their near and dear ones, share pictures and videos and also make voice/video calls. The exciting range of emoticons available in WhatsApp is like icing on the cake. Chatting becomes a fun activity which gradually turns to an addiction. Like every other thing in our life, this messaging app has a good and a bad side. It all depends on your maturity and how you use the app wisely. It is good to talk to your loved ones but you should know the limits of using the fruits of technology. It should not become an addiction and hamper your studies or your work. These days teenagers are very forward and they are always active in this social media application. They are frequently seen online and find it difficult to stay away from it. Why is this messaging service so attractive to teens? What keeps adolescent kids captivated? The reasons below would help you to know about it.

WhatsApp keeps you busy: WhatsApp keeps you busy 24×7 a day. Text, audio messages, videos and pictures shared in this app are always a matter of deep interest. Kids are always curious to see pictures or status updates of their near and dear ones. Even if not talking to someone, adolescent minds have this habit to scroll the contact list of this social media app to check new statuses and pictures. They are always busy checking other profiles in this messaging app which involves major part of the day.

Teenagers are always eager on receiving notifications: Teenage minds are always eager to receive notification from the messaging app. They are busy checking group updates, jokes that keep on coming or checking if they have received new audio or video files. They keep on waiting eagerly to receive WhatsApp notifications and later become busy to react to it. Teenagers spend a lot of time thinking and speculating the actions of people in their contact list. This involves a lot of time and the kids start to neglect their studies. Their live revolves only around this kind of apps that makes them detached from the society.

Teens become socially detached: The messaging app is so addictive that it makes you detached socially. Children become distant and interact less with people surrounding them. They are always hooked to their phones and start to neglect their studies and also their parents. They are physically present with their families, but their minds are somewhere else. It is very difficult for them to keep their phones at bay when the phone is beeping with constant notifications from this app.

WhatsApp addiction amongst teenagers

Parental WhatsApp monitoring is required so that your kids are in the correct path of life. Teenage period is very important for studies, mental growth and development. They need to prepare themselves for the hurdles ahead in life. This addiction can be dangerous and your teenage kids may land up in trouble. How can this addiction be dangerous for your kids? The answer lies below-

Adolescent minds tend to connect to people across the world. They are innocent minds and always eager to make new friends. Chances are high that your kids may interact with strangers and may provide a lot of information about them. Online predators are always looking for loopholes to enter in your private life and harm you in every ways possible. Teenagers are easy target and can be emotionally influenced to a great extent. Information about your family, inappropriate pictures and content shared with people can sometimes land you in trouble. Teens always do not have the capability to differentiate between wrong and right. They trust people easily and in a short span of time they become close to them. This can be harmful especially when cyber criminals are always trying to intrude in your private space. Also staying glued to smartphones can harm studies to a great extent. Teenagers distance themselves from their parents and stay in their own world. They become too dependent on this social messaging app and can’t stay away from it even for five minutes. So as a parent, it is your duty to monitor your kid’s activities and prevent them from doing any wrong. Constant monitoring is needed especially in these years when your kid is growing.

Getting rid of WhatsApp addiction

Getting rid of your kid’s WhatsApp addiction is not that difficult. As a parent you have to be very cautious to set time limits for using this social messaging app. Also set ground rules as to when can your teenage kid use WhatsApp. Encourage them to go for outdoor activities that would boost their immune system and improve their health. Spend quality time with your teenage kids so that you become their best of friends. Try keeping your kids engaged in fun based learning and help them in their studies. The more time you spend with them, the lesser time they will get for spending time in WhatsApp. You need to explain your kids that talking to strangers will lead them in trouble. Conversing with strangers and trusting them is no ways healthy. Also an effective child mobile monitoring app is required to keep a track of your kid’s WhatsApp profile. It logs in activities of the monitored smartphone and you can check all the details from a secured online panel. From the comforts of your home, you can check their WhatsApp profile details as and when you feel like.

Getting rid of WhatsApp addiction takes time and involves a lot of patience. You have to be patient enough to explain your kids that misuse of any messaging app can lead to severe consequences. Kids are the future of any nation. So be their friend and help them to make healthy life choices in life.

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