3 Ways RFID Tags Can Benefit You

RFID, or “radio frequency identification” tags, are a kind of tracking system that uses barcodes to identify items. They utilize radio waves to send the data from a tag to a reader, which then transmits that data to an RFID computer program. The tags can carry up to 2 kilobytes (KB) of data, which is enough to store basic information about the item. 

The tags can be used to track many different things, from livestock and pets to a business’s inventory, vehicles, and even people with dementia-related diseases. Here’s how they can benefit you.

Asset and Material Tracking

Many companies have difficulty keeping track of materials and assets, from components on a production line to the finished products waiting to be shipped. That means valuable equipment and other goods can often go missing. RFID tags provide a quick and reliable way to track these items without counting each one individually. You’ll immediately be able to see how many items you have of a particular type, as well as what their location is and the stage they’re at in the process. It makes it much easier to perform stock checks, manage inventory, and control any shrinkage. If an item is misplaced, an RFID system can help find it.

Identifying and Tracking Cattle

If you have a ranch or farm, RFID tags for cattle are something you’ll definitely want to consider as they can be very beneficial. The challenges of cattle management are something that’s contributed greatly to the popularity of their use on cattle. The small tags are placed into the animal’s ear and contain a 15-digit number unique to each one. It makes it much quicker and easier to identify the animals simply by scanning the tag with a reader and helps to minimize errors that can come when you have to write down each one manually. When the cattle are being worked or put into a trailer, the tags can quickly be scanned when they’re moving. More and more industry programs require EID animal records for traceability and export requirements, resolving that issue. 

Saving Time and Money While Improving Accuracy

RFID tags can save you significant time and money while ensuring accuracy as they automatically track the movement of goods and upload the data to a financial management system or an ERP. That removes the need for filing forms manually while replacing outdated spreadsheets. By using fixed readers at key points, even more time can be saved on, for example, a production line. 

As data is electronically collected and uploaded, RFID prevents transcription errors and the duplication of data when that information is needed on a large number of items. With a cloud-based system, anyone in an organization can see the latest, up-to-date data, including where items are and what their status is. It can even be shared with customers. With RFID able to identify individual components or items, it’s ideal for a customized or complex manufacturing process, helping to improve efficiency and reduce waste, potentially saving more money. 

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