How to Make Homemade Yogurt

homemade yogurtYogurt is regarded as a health food because it contains beneficial bacteria. However, yogurt is quite expensive. Locally made yogurt costs about P31, while imported brands (125 to 150 ml serving sizes) ranges from P45 to P65. But hey, one doesn’t have to spend much for yogurt. With basic kitchen equipment, thick wad of newspaper, and unflavored yogurt, one can make it easily at home. Here’s how.


You will need fresh milk (if you own a dairy cow) or instant powdered whole milk, and unflavored yogurt. This will serve as a yogurt starter, and its shelf life should be six months from the time of purchase.


You will need a stove, stainless pot that will hold about a liter of milk, a thick wad of newspaper, a string, and a thermometer (if available).


1. Heat 1 liter of purified water to about 60oC.

2. Dissolve about three-fourths cup of instant milk or pasteurized fresh milk in the heated water and stir until well blended;

3. Mix the yogurt with the blended milk and immediately transfer the pot in the middle of a thick wad of newspaper. Gather all sides of newspaper and tie at the middle. This is to retain the heat for at least three hours;

4. Check the mixture after four hours. If it has curdled, then the preparation is successful. If not, the yogurt starter may have expired, the milk blend may have been too hot and killed the good bacteria that curdle the milk, or the milk is not hot enough to provide a good environment for bacteria to grow;

5. Fill eight cups (125 ml) with yogurt, cover it, and refrigerate

Source: Lorenzo P. Locara – Agriculture Magazine march 2008
Image credit: yogurtstarter.org

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