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How to Find Perfect Office Space for Your Startup

Every startup owner has a number of challenges to face and decisions to make. One of those is definitely the office space for your future business. It may seem less important that other issues, but that is really not the case. The truth is that the right office space can...

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4 Benefits of an Office Fit Out for your Office

If you are a business owner, you would know how important it is to design the office space according to the needs of the employees. After all, it’s them who need the space and works for you every day. An office fit-out is the best way to make use of...


Points to Keep in Mind While Renovating An Office Space

For any business, it is absolutely essential to create an excellent first impression.  The business can catch the attention of clients and shareholders only when it is set up as per a flawless office design and layout. Most of these designs are likely to become redundant and lose charm over...

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Why Your Office Space Is Screaming for an Urgent Redesign

The business world is currently undergoing a digital revolution. The current trends are shifting towards collaborative and intelligent workspaces where employees are happier, and all the digital work tools can easily be synchronized for enhanced productivity. If you’re wondering why you should redesign your office to meet up with global...


Should You Buy or Lease Your Office Space? A Visual Guide

Investment and financial support don’t come easy for many companies. You often hear people joke about how their employers are not very liberal when it comes to providing the budget for different tasks and aspects of the business, but there is some truth with it because there really is a...


Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space

A lot of employees and even applicants consider office space and location as one of the crucial factors for their work. In the Philippines where traffic is the worst for most days and most areas, it’s important for an office location to be accessible, budding, and easily commutable.  Luckily in 2003, the Bonifacio Global...


Things to Look for in a Prospective Office Space

In order for a business owner to achieve the level of success they are after, they will need to take the time to plot out what they need. Planning out how you want your business to develop, with step-by-step lists, can greatly increase its success in the future. A new...


The Airbnb for Office and Retail live in The Philippines

After Disruption Hits the Philippine Taxi Industry, a Startup Is Looking at Real Estate Options We are all aware of the changes that are happening in the taxi/transportation industry, thanks to companies like Uber and GrabTaxi. So how about another industry such as real estate? This time, Asian tycoons whose...